Bachelor Thesis – Concrete Memory

My focus during the bachelor thesis was the conception and implementation of a 3D environment using elements and principles of modern architecture. I used the Cryengine to create an island area with relics of concrete architecture. These elements had the function of guiding the player beside being simple decorative elements. During the conception phase of […]



Vagabond by IgbyZissou on Sketchfab This Model served as a good opportunity to study different workflows with Zbrush and Substance Designer/Painter. Some parts are sculpted in Zbrush (jacket, shoes, head and the boarhead), retopologized in 3ds Max, and textured with the Substance programms. The metal part were created as a highpoly in 3ds Max and […]


Quantum Rush – Intership

I did 18 weeks of internship in a Berlin based company called Gameartstudio. It was a wonderful time that allowed me to work on a published Sci-Fi racing game, together with a very talented team. It was a great opportunity and I learned a lot from my experienced co-workers. I mostly worked with existing concepts […]


A Hundred Million Francs Thug

This lovely fellow is a character from the children’s book „A Hundred Million Francs“. He is a proper, mean thug and serves as of the enemies of the book’s leading children. Aiming for a rather low poly, cartoon-ish character, I used a minimalistic shape and hand-painted texture, trying to get the most out of the […]


Dust Run

Dust Run is a 2.5D sidescroller with puzzle elements. As a little boy with the power to leave his body, the player has to use this ability to possess objects and solve puzzles to reach the end of the level. We had a timeframe of one semester for the game and used the Unity engine. […]



This maquette was part of an art class during our second semester. It is made of Super Sculpey and has a wire skeleton. The task was to create and sculpt a creature in real life scale. I designed an alien critter whose natural habitat would be a swamp. I enjoyed the task, cause it was […]


Monster Mess

Monster Mess was my first 3D game project, created during my third semester. It is a first person stealth game prototype realised with UDK. You play as Oscar the assistant and janitor of a demon hunter. While your master is out adventuring, all his monsters escape from their cages and spread throughout the 1912 situated […]